Wellbeing Services

Kirsty offers pain management, holistic and massage therapies. This draws from her 30+ years' career in a range of medical and clinical settings within the NHS, including as a specialist pain nurse for 11 years.

If you struggle with post-operative pain or more chronic pain, Kirsty could assess your suitability for trigger-point therapy, which is a non invasive therapy that targets pain regions in the body. 

Trigger-point therapy can also be used to reduce pain as a result of physical stress caused by activities such as hiking, walking, running, cycling and fishing. 

Rick offers Life coaching, which includes specialising on retirement coaching, wellbeing audits and work-life balance coaching.

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More about Kirsty at www.calma.co.uk

More about Rick at www.rickhughes.co.uk

Finally, if you've come to Acorn Bothy for a bit of work-life balance, check out Rick's latest best-selling book;

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